Technologies that will make a big difference and will have much demand in the next few years


Skill is the ability to do some work, but in a manner that is characterized by accuracy, ease and control, especially with regard to the effort and time that an individual spends, especially when it comes to technology skills. For modis company, when you read a lot of reports, articles and research papers on widespread technology skills, you will eventually know that there are 3 technical skills that will make a big difference in the coming years.

Virtual reality VR and augmented reality AR

According to a speech delivered by Heyzerlini, who is the head of the business unit in the field of communications, media and technology, as the market for VR and AR will reach $ 80 billion by 2025, which is roughly the size of the current desktop computer market as user participation and interaction with the virtual environment is followed by computer simulation and leads. To VR and AR respectively, there are a lot of apps released for the platforms Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, and the market size for AR and virtual display is expected to reach $ 215 billion over the coming years.

Therefore, dear reader, if you want to join as a VR developer in any company, you should be interested in the following skills, which are software engineering, 3D design, video and audio production, game development, UX / UI design, and AR developers must focus on 3D models, CV computer vision, mobile programming, and C + programming languages. +, C #, JS and knowledge of related software development tools such as Hololens.

Artificial Intelligence AL

The father of artificial intelligence is an American scientist, John McCarthy, who defined it as the science and engineering of the manufacture of smart machines, especially smart computer programs, and it is considered a branch of computer science and its goal is to create smart machines and this program is nothing but a set of instructions and codes that are given by a programmer to carry out a task And that is why we can in some way create an intelligent Robert that is controlled by a computer.

Can a deity think and act like humans do? The quest to know more about it is considered endless, as the basic goals of artificial intelligence include creating expert systems and implementing human intelligence in machines, and artificial intelligence has the ability to change work forever and that is some statistics where 38% of customers believe that intelligence The synthetic will improve customer service.

It is expected that artificial intelligence will lead to unemployment at a large rate due to the replacement of humans with machines, and in this case the changes will be so rapid that we will not be able to notice simple changes in a certain way, and if we want a person to excel in the field of artificial intelligence, he must have the following skills Python, R, Machine Learning, Hadoop, Data Data, Big Data, Java, Data Mining, Spark and SAS.

Blockchain technology

It is an innovative invention where the blockchain technology is the brainchild of a person or group of people who hid behind a pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto, and this technology was designed mainly in Bitcoin, which is a digital currency, which was called digital gold according to Don & Alex Tapscott. A blockchain is an indivisible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record only financial transactions.

The advantages of this technology are high security, transparency, decentralization, fast information settlements and low transaction costs.

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