A message to the first Egyptian to participate in a journey without return to Mars


Before I address that message, let me mention to those who do not know what the Mars voyage, also called "a journey without return," what is this trip and what is the goal of this Mars voyage

A Dutch company launched the Mars One program, and this project is led by a Dutch businessman, all of this in order to establish a human colony on Mars permanently

The cost of this trip is about 6 billion dollars, and there will be on board the first flight four people who will be chosen from among more than 200 thousand competitors to make a one-way trip, as it is not possible to return from it again to Earth

The schedule for this trip boils down to

1 - The start of the journey to go without return to Mars to build a human colony on September 14, 2021, with 4 people on board, and the four will build a human settlement on Mars permanently until the arrival of the first batch of population in the year 2025

2 - The trip will take about 210 days to arrive, and travelers will not be able to perform their usual activities such as bathing, watching TV ... etc.

3 - Upon reaching the surface of Mars, those who are at that time will be 225 million miles away from planet Earth and the average temperature on the surface of Mars will be about 63 degrees below zero

4 - The food for those on the planet Mars will be lettuce and spinach or sweet potatoes or soybeans in addition to the most important of all is that the volunteers will die, starting from the 68th day.

My message to Brother Muhammad Salam, the first Egyptian to participate in the journey of going without return to Mars, and to everyone who wishes to participate in this trip

In the beginning, from my observation, this project is a very big thing that may benefit humanity in the future, but I see that this project is only for profit ?!

I'll tell you how !! I will give a simple example of that, which is about the phone, because the simplest thing of technology is in everyone's hands

Before the emergence of smart phones, there were many technology tools that used to save their users a lot of trouble in their daily lives, as some of them were the best way to roam in unknown areas, but all of that disappeared after the appearance of the phone.

Since after the emergence of smart phones, many things have disappeared, such as GPS (GPS), as smartphones have become containing GPS, and you only need to connect to the Internet, in addition to the disappearance of the fixed camera, radio, clock, digital voice recorder, calculator, alarm .... etc

The point of this is that the companies that used to manufacture cameras, voice recorder and other things that I mentioned a while ago were among the richest companies in the world, but soon those companies disappeared after the phone became with all these features

So, this Dutch company financed by a Dutch businessman, its goal is profit.

My theory about the matter is as follows: Who knows how much humanity can live, perhaps billions of years, and perhaps in the future it will not be possible to live on Earth, whether it is due to agglomeration and population growth at the time, or because of a war or similar, or because of another

So people will start looking for another place to live in, and technology may help you at that time by doing that, and then when they travel to Mars, for example, they will find those colonies that you have created on Mars, and thus they will have to pay a lot of money in order to live in that Colonies

So at that time the Netherlands will be the great power at that time and the heirs of the businessman of the richest people in existence, and you had a big role in that, if you did not help your country with anything but the Netherlands, and what really saddens me is that I heard that in order to participate in this trip it must be You have a master's degree in one of the sciences

If you have a master's degree in one of the sciences, and instead of benefiting your country, you benefit the countries of others, given that the state needs to be like you in order to be strengthened, and instead you leave it to go to benefit another country and even die for it, and have you thought about what your family feels?

Did they tell you we will colonize Mars?

You know that this journey is without return, just as you know that the volunteers, who include you will die, and that starting from the 68th day, are you ready to throw your hunch there and have you thought about the moments in which you will die 😣

So my friend, I hope that you review yourself on this matter

In conclusion, this was a message directed from me to you, and I hope that you accept it from me with love and respect. You accept my sincere greetings to you and to everyone who participated with you in the trip and to the followers who read this topic ....... Leave in the safety of God Almighty

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