Fares Shady gets the Golden YouTube Shield ~ the youngest YouTuber in Egypt


There is no doubt that you have heard about the YouTube field and the interesting videos Youtube offers that attract millions of viewers around the world, but what you do not know is that this field is very difficult

As a YouTuber, you have to compete with millions of other YouTube channels, and this is undoubtedly the most difficult thing in the field of YouTube, in addition to providing interesting and exclusive content that attracts visitors and urges them to follow everything new to you.

In light of this, we have a small Youtuber named Faris Shady who broke the barrier of difficulties to reach his goals, as his channel exceeded 244 million views and 1 million 1,000,000 subscribers, thus obtaining the golden YouTube shield (the million subscribers shield)

To be the smallest YouTuber in the Arab Republic of Egypt, it gets 1,000,000 subscribers and more than 244 million views

It is worth noting that the little Youtuber Faris has been honored by YouTube and Facebook several times previously, in addition to being featured on TV with Tariq Allam and jealousy of the media

In light of this matter, the website of Queen News offers sincere congratulations to the respected and dear professor (Shadi Fuad Abu Faris) for the daughter Faris' obtaining the Million Subscriber Shield, and we wish him and the daughter of permanent success

Fares Shady channel link

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