How to archive blogger articles after updating webmaster tools


Google has released a new version of the Search Console tool, "webmaster tools" and replaced it with a newer version with better features and information.

And for a long time, Google informed the owners of sites and pages that it is about to move to the new version of its service for crawling and archiving the pages and links of the site, as it made some changes in the names and locations of the tools until we got confused, right?

Where do I find "fetch as google" in the new webmaster tools

One of the important things that they changed is the tool "Fetch as Google" which is very useful as it works and helps greatly in indexing links in order to appear faster in the initial search results in Google, as you ask Google to crawl the link in order to archive instead of waiting.

It is the tool that I rely on on my site here, but with Google’s changes I got lost and this tool was lost as I used to find it in the side menu of the service and quite easily, as in the picture below, but where do I find it with the recent development?

Don't worry, all that happened is a change in the name, the method of archiving and indexing. Instead of "Fetch as Google", you can access it through the new tool "URL Inspection" in the menu on the side tab.

How to quickly index topics using fetch like Google

All you have to do is go to the Webmaster Tools service link by clicking here in its new format, and then click on Check URL.

Directly at the top, within the search box, copy the link that you want Google to crawl and paste it in the blank place and wait for it to finish, as the data will be retrieved from the Google index to collect information about your link and know its validity and quality.

Previously, we used to copy half of the link from the police / COM, but with the latest update the whole link will be copied and then put in the right place.

After the scan is finished, click on the option "Request indexing". It will test whether or not the address can be indexed directly. It will take a time between a minute to 2 and at the end a message will appear informing you that your link has been added to one of the priority crawl queues.

The indexing method through the fetch service such as Google is one of the most wonderful methods used in the processes of improving the rate of appearance of your pages in the search results, as it is among the basics used in the SEO process, and it is the science that aims to add improvements in the rates of appearance of pages and links to the website.

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