Blogger Blog Awards !! Where are those awards


Dear brothers, visitors and followers of the Queen News blog. Greetings and after, perhaps the motivation that made you browse this article is to know what blogger blogs prizes are offered to professionals in blogging, but unfortunately there is no such award

 And this award is a creation of my imagination, yes it is the creation of my own imagination and perhaps also the imagination of those who share the same dream and ambition, and this is something that makes me very upset and makes me wonder why Google does not offer prizes to Blogger blogs as it does with YouTube channels, especially since the Blogger platform and YouTube are in the original Two affiliated with Google

As you know, Google offers 3 prizes for the content creator on YouTube, which is the silver prize for those whose channel exceeds 100 thousand subscribers, and the gold prize for those whose channel on YouTube exceeds one million subscribers. The diamond prize is for those whose channel exceeds 10 million subscribers.

This is in addition to other awards and some of the features that YouTube provides them, while Google only allows us to profit from Adsense only, which is a feature found in YouTube as well.

I know that some will say that there is a special prize for blogging, the "pops prize", which is the largest global award in the field of blogging and websites that can be obtained.

Unfortunately, however, some people do not know that these prizes are difficult to obtain, and that the blogs and websites that they obtain are often in the field of human rights and freedom of expression of opinion, in which there are at least dozens of writers who write in them constantly

There are also website awards, which are also difficult to obtain because often the blogs you get are far from informational blogging and the topics that most blogs write

Therefore, we need a prize such as YouTube awards. Requirements are set to obtain one of these prizes and when you qualify, your award will be sent to you, and then you find that your spirits have increased, which drives you to creativity in your work.

This matter, whenever I think about it, I find that there is distress in my chest and sadness over the amount of hardship that was afflicted without a serious father, so I will ask you today what is the motive that keeps me blogging

You will say I profit from ads, and I will tell you that I offer a service on one of the sites and earn more through it from informational blogging on my blog.

Perhaps some of you will suggest that I create a YouTube channel in order to get these rewards and features, but my answer will be that not every blogger likes or wants to create a YouTube channel and I am one of those who do not like the idea of ​​creating a YouTube channel

I do not mean from my words that YouTube is bad, but on the contrary, YouTube has become an essential part of the Internet, but I mean that I do not like the idea of ​​creating a YouTube channel because this will distract me from my blog and make me leave it in order to devote myself to the channel

Others will say that YouTube offers these features, but these prizes are not what you expect, for example the golden shield is not pure gold, but rather it is plated with gold, and it is not, as some believe, it is pure gold

He also narrated him, and I tell him everyone knows this and this is no doubt about it, and when I talked about the award, I did not talk about its material value, but rather I was talking about its moral value, because this award will raise our spirits and give us motivation in order to present everything new

Perhaps someone is saying now that Yotwebs are getting tired and making more effort than bloggers and this appears in their YouTube videos.

I will answer it and say that Youtwebs are tired of creating unique and good content, but this does not make us judge that Youtwebs are more tired than bloggers, as they are tired of creating a video and then after that they upload to the Internet and forget about it

As for bloggers, they must create unique content and search for several new articles daily, in addition to paying attention to the source of the article, which must be reliable to provide to visitors, in addition to constantly updating old topics, making a suitable logo for the blog, paying attention to SEO well, and dealing with the programming language in order to improve it. Blog appearance ... etc

I hope Google will take these things into account, as I am very sad for myself and for the bloggers who do not find anyone appreciating their effort, and also sad for the bloggers who left blogging permanently because they were not motivated by offering such prizes that I mentioned

In conclusion, I will disable the comments from this post as usual, but I hope that my voice reaches Google, thank you for your perfume, and I hope you see more articles that I write

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