Google is working to change the look of the home page in the Google search engine


The main page in the Google search engine with its logo, as well as the search box on the white background, is now undergoing a radical change that occurs for the first time since the launch of Google in 1998.

With the addition of news feeds and news feeds, Google intends to fill them with a dedicated news feed similar to the social networking site Facebook, according to the British Guardian newspaper.

Google announced on Wednesday that it is working on publishing more customizations of the feeds it obtained from "Google Now" in December, using Google's advanced machine learning algorithms.

Google has indicated that this system has been refined so that it becomes more suitable for individuals and their sites, as well as the ability to follow the topics of interest to them directly from the search results such as following sports, news, celebrities ... etc, as updates of those topics will appear in the news feed. Folks

Google said that the additions that will be made to the feeds will be offered to users in the United States immediately, and then will be launched internationally within the next two weeks.

Although the new features are redundant, with some being available in Google search applications, the addition of Googl feeds to major desktop sites will constitute one of the biggest changes to Google's approach to search.

Certainly, Microsoft will hope that Google will make any mistake that may push more people to its Bing search engine because the Bing search engine, according to some reports, has become better than before.

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