What is SEO and what is the importance of SEO for websites and blogs


Today we will define SEO in an easy and simple way, and later we will add more lessons about it, how to deal with it, and how the search results are issued, through the new section that will be added to the blog, which is the "SEO" section.

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation of an English word compound, which is a word

"Search Engine optimization"

SEO is about increasing the amount of traffic targeted by search engines, with the aim of improving your site with search engines so that your pages appear in the initial results of the search engine.

This of course depends on the factors that must be available on your site in order for it to rank well in the search engines

Google has not fully disclosed these factors, but when applying several factors and also the strategies of the SEO section are correct, they will reach the first search results within the search engines.

What does creating sites for search engines mean?

The concept of SEO is always related to improving the site’s ranking and increasing profits, but the real concept is far from these concepts, but this does not mean that improving the site’s ranking and good ranking results should be low, but on the contrary, because profits are high for the site at that time, but it is a way to organize the site in the first place. the first

More about SEO

To understand more about SEO, let's analyze this sentence (increasing the amount of traffic targeted by search engines)

Traffic quality: You can attract your website visitors from different parts of the world, but if your site visitors search for Apple devices and your site specializes in Blogger explanations, then this is not the required entertainment, and instead of that you have to attract visitors who are searching for What you offer and they care about your product

The amount of traffic: the number of clicks that are from the website pages in the search engine results of the targeted users

Unpaid Traffic: It is the traffic that has not paid the price for clicking on it in the results of the search engines

What are SEO factors?

SEO factors are many, but here are the best ones

Internal SEO on page: This SEO is represented in the meta tag, description, and keywords, as well as the link to the article, and we do not forget the content. As for the keywords or keywords, it is not an important factor as it was in past years.

Domain Age: The age of the domain is one of the important factors in SEO, because if your site’s domain is old, Google will give you great credibility for your site and preferably over the domain Umrah for several weeks or several months

Content: You must always be the content of your site exclusive, attractive and not transferred from other sites, and you must always, after writing each article, make sure of your articles so that they do not have similarities with other articles, so it seems as if you have copied this article to your site

SEO off page: External SEO is several things, such as backlinks, as well as Social Signals, which is the period of the spread of your site on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Multiply, LinkedIn ....... etc.

Backlinks: Posting your website links to other sites that are in the same domain as you

SEO consists of 3 types, and they are:

White Hat SEO Waite Hat: It means that when a visitor visits your article and wonders, he will publish a post on his site and this is considered one of the backlinks to your site and this method is natural and loved by Google

Black Hat SEO black Hat: It means spreading backlinks to "backlink" by using sites for that or even through programs where you publish your site link on other sites in large and enormous numbers at the same time and even without a time interval. Google considers this type of "Spam" where You penalize your site

Gray Hat SEO Gray Hat: It is the middle area that is between white and black. It is a play point for those who do "SEO" as it is allowed, but on the condition that you do not exceed your limits because you will then enter the Black Hat area and it will punish you.

Q / Can I grab keywords now after I studied SEO course?

The answer: It is no, because the SEO field is a field that is not theoretical only because it is about 35% theoretical and 65% practical and experiences, as it depends on the extent of your experience and the keyword that you compete for and may be easy and also may be difficult

Therefore, you need more experience, but if you go on the right path with the “SEO right” section on technical explanations, you will be able to do so and this is because we will offer you practical experiences and not theoretical words

Important Notes :

1 - SEO does not have any secrets, so when you hear someone say I will sell you a course of SEO secrets, I know that it is a liar and it is not true because SEO is a matter of experiences and experiences and not secrets

2 - SEO has a beginning, but there is no end, so when you hear someone say I have finished studying SEO, I know that he does not understand and does not understand anything in SEO because SEO every day has a new one.

So you have to always be up to date with all that is new in the world of SEO

You now have a good background in the field of SEO and I think that you now have many questions and inquiries regarding SEO, so put your question in a comment and I will answer it, God willing, as soon as possible.

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