Google Adsense and how to use it to make money


Google Adsense is a site that allows people to profit from it by placing Google AdSense ads on the site or the publisher's blog, which is an easy and very fast way that enables publishers on the web to profit quickly

Google Adsense is considered as an intermediary between you and the owners of services and sites who want to promote their services or sites or even to promote any other commodity by placing adsense ad spaces

Meaning that Adsense brings advertisers who want to promote their product and then gives you an advertisement for that product as a publisher and owner of a site or blog who gives advertising space in exchange for money or profit.

Thus, everyone benefited as AdSense benefits from the people who paid it in exchange for publishing their ads on the sites and the owner of the product promoted his product or product and that in exchange for money in order to get customers and that through the advertisement that he submitted on Adsense, in addition to that you also benefited from Google Adsense because you Take a percentage of the ads that you place on your site or blog

Are there other companies like Adsense?

There are many other companies that provide profit through advertisements, which are alternative companies to Google Adsense, such as:

Yahoo Publisher, Smowtion Corporation, InfoLinks

Konetra Corporation, AdBrite Corporation

But Google Adsense remains the best profitable company so far, and there are many alternatives

How to subscribe to Google Adsense?

The method is very easy and simple, but in the beginning you must have a GMAIL account and have a professional website or blog

After that, go to the following link:

Click Get started, then put your registration information in. Next, review and accept the AdSense Terms and Conditions.

By doing this, you will have created an Adsense account

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