Open external links on a new page with the tag Nofollow


Making external links nofollow is one of the best things in order to be able to improve the archiving of your blog or site and to be able to advance your blog or site in the search engines

As external links are one of the components that are inevitable and use them in blogs or websites, and that is either to explain or to download, but there remain two problems that are linked to external links

1- Do not open the link in a new window and open it in the current blog window, which makes the visitor leave your blog or website while he is still reading

2 - To become Dofollow external blog links, and this is something that negatively affects your blog if its presence increases

We previously explained the difference between Dofollow and Nofollow and the effect of both

Note: There is a manual way to have all external links open on a new page and also to give it the tag "Nofollow"

target="_blank" rel="nofollow">link</a>

Target = "_ blank" will cause the link to open in a new page

Rel = "nofollow" means "nofollow."

The manual method is the best, and that in terms of you do not need to install codes, but there are some bloggers who did not have knowledge or knowledge of these matters and their blog is now full of links, which is difficult for him to modify all of them, or you have a download blog, so it is very difficult to use external links a lot, which is difficult The matter is tagging them all

But today at Queen News I offer you a solution to this problem through the following code

Add the following code above


This code combines two important things, which are the "open in a new page" feature and the "Nofollow" feature, because I have found many bloggers who use two separate codes, and this makes the matter cumbersome.