Add a professional slider to Blogger blog to display blog topics automatically


The Slider Show or the Slider is a beautiful addition in which you can display pictures in an elegant and sequential manner, and you can use the Slider Show to display your special topics or anything you want to display that is clear and striking

There are dozens of plugins that use the same feature, but I have chosen this for you precisely because it is designed by

It also contains several features

Lightness, which is lacking in most other slides

Its design is simple and not exaggerated, so it does not cause any deviation from the general framework of your blog

Easy to coordinate and will fit in with your blog easily

Easy to install because its code will be added to the HTML / JavaScript tool and then we will drag the tool over the topics box.

Not to depart from the basic framework in the blog because many of the additions for slides at the beginning of the download, we find them appearing in a vertical form, deformed and outside the basic frame in the blog, and then after the download is completed, they start to appear in the normal form

Some slides give you a number of links that you cannot override as for this slider allows you the number you want because you are the one who controls it, but perhaps the thing that is missing from this addition is that the images must be of the appropriate size, it is difficult to adjust the size via codes although I prefer this so as not Images are distorted

To add the Slide Show

Slider code you can download it from here

As I said, to install the slider, you will add its code to the HTML / JavaScript tool and then drag the tool over the topics box.

How to coordinate a slider

The number 600 inside the code is the display of the slider show and it is repeated so if you want to modify the width of the slides, you must change the number in all the repeated times.

The number 218 is the height of the slide, and you can adjust it, but to the same extent that you will adjust it, you must adjust this number also 225. For example, if you increase by 20, you must increase the other 20, and if you also decrease it, the same thing will decrease the other by the same percentage

With regard to this code # 000, it is repeated twice and this is the color of the slides, and you can modify the color you like. You can use color codes to give you the color of the code you want

As for this code <a href=" link of the topic"> <img src = "" image link "alt =" "topic title" /> </a>

It is the code for images or topics and repeat that according to the number that you will need to add in your blog

Note: The image size must be in the width and height that you will specify

For example: in the code the width is specified with 600 and the height is 218

The image will be sized at 218 x 600

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