Learn about Hsoub Advertising Network and how to profit from it


Hsoub Advertising Network is the most prominent Arab network in the field of advertising. Hsoub network depends on several web services, and of course the advertising network is a service within Hsoub services and its definition is summarized as an advertising service where advertisers go to Bakkah Hassoub and pay a certain amount of money in return for their ads appearing on the websites registered in Hsoub network and of course they (the publishers)

Of course, in exchange for clicking on the ads, the publisher gets a profit rate dedicated to him from the value of the click.

What are the most important ingredients for admission to Hsoub network?

Hsoub is one of the best networks in which it is easy to register because it is not strict and of course very understanding of the nature of Arabic content and Arab publishers, which some believe does not require the quality of sites to be easy to register with, but in fact it does not and that is through my experience, as it is one of the networks that are keen on quality The sites registered with it, but what makes it accept the sites is that they already understand Arabic content

And a currency environment and also you can distinguish between the good sites and also the bad sites more than other sites from other sites and that is why you find that Hsoub network is very interested in several points in its judgment on the sites

1- Sites with exclusive content

What distinguishes Hsoub network is that it is keen to accept sites that contain exclusive articles, i.e. sites with exclusive content, and to reject sites that have transferred content, meaning that they do not accept sites with transferred content. It contributes a lot indirectly to cleaning the Arab Web from spam, as well as transmission sites

2- Sites with good statistics

Hsoub is also keen that the site has a good number of visitors and good statistics in Alexa, in order to avoid sites that are neglected by their owners

 For example, sites that rank higher than 2 million in Alexa have a weak chance of being accepted into your account.

3- Sites with meaningful content

You will not seem to find that Hsoub accepts sites with random and unorganized content. Rather, Hsoub tends to accept sites that specialize in a field and are distinguished by it.

4- Property rights

Hsoub does not accept sites that violate property rights, whether that is by publishing things such as programs that break protection and violate their rights, or through videos ... etc.

How to register in Hsoub account

Registration in Hsoub is very easy, and all you have to do is just log in to the Hsoub network registration page from here

Then fill in the data on the page, but do not forget to select the publisher option and then complete the registration by activating your account via e-mail

Registering in Hsoub does not mean that you have become a publisher, but in order to become a publisher you must register your site and that by following the following

After you fill in the data of adding your site to the Hassoub network and wait a day or two maximum, you will find that your site has been added to Hsoub if it is compatible and if it is not compatible, then you will be informed of the reason for the rejection in order to improve your site and subscribe again to an advertising network Hsoub

A very important point for free domain owners such as blogger bloggers who own a free domain. When you add your site, the addition may not be accepted and a message will be sent to you stating that your site is a free domain

Here, some may think that Hsoub refuses free domains, and this is of course a mistake because Hsoub accepts premium blogs, even if they are on a free domain

Q - Why was this condition set while premium blogs were accepted?

The answer: The main reason is that there are many free bloggers whose blogs are very bad and of course they misuse ads, unlike the owners of paid domains because they spend money on their site to buy a domain, so they are more careful, unlike the owners of free blogs and sites

Therefore, Hsoub wants to avoid that annoying category that does not take care of its sites, but if you are the owner of a free domain, but your blog is distinguished, it will be accepted in Hsoub

But as long as your domain is free, you will need more work on your blog in order to ensure acceptance in Hsoub, so you must make sure that your blog is in it

Exclusive content and no less than 50 topics

A distinctive and coordinated blogger template, and it is recommended that it be developed specifically for your blog

Alexa ranks less than a million

That it does not contain any violation of property rights

Then go to Hsoub, and at the bottom you will find (Contact Us), click on it, and a contact form will appear for you as it is in the following picture

After you fill in the fields the name, mail, website link, and phone, it is not a requirement

Choose Technical Support as the subject of the message

Then in the message box, write a small paragraph explaining that you have a free domain, that your site is distinguished, and that you want to join publishers in Hsob

But don't forget to add your name and your blog link in the message

After that, wait for a reply to your e-mail, and they will inform you to return the experiment to add the site.

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