How to add horizontal slides to Blogger blog


Horizontal slider is one of the most types of sliders that I personally asked me, and this type of slider is very few in availability and some versions are complicated to install and may not work well for you, so it took me a long time to develop and adjust that version and it is now on your hands

This slider is light, fast, easy to install and can be customized from any section you want

]]> </ b: skin> First: add the code at the bottom of the article above

Then you can format the code easily because the code formatting is easy and simple, and you can use color codes

To change the colors of the slider

But what matters in this code is the numbers 1000 and 920 because they are the width of the slider. If you want to reduce the width, change the two numbers in the same proportion. For example, if you reduce one of them to 50, then reduce the other to 50, and so on ...

 Second: Add above the </head> code at the bottom of the article

Third: Above the </body> code, the code found also at the bottom of the article will be added

Then here is the last code, which is also at the bottom of the article, and this code must be placed anywhere you want inside the template

Of course, it may require some experiences from you and even control it with you, but these codes are common in most templates, so if you want to add them above the topic area

 <div id = 'main-wrapper'>


<div id = 'outer-wrapper'>

Here is also the common codes, but these codes are for those who wish to add them above the invoice

<div id = 'fotter'>


<div id = 'fotter-wrapper'>

If you want to make the slider come with the latest topics, delete this part of the code

/ - / & quot; + label1 + & quot;

Note: All codes have been attached to one file to make it easy to use, and you can download the code file from here

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