How to add an MP3 player to Blogger blog


MP3 player for Blogger blog or for the web There are many and very many players, but few of them are distinguished players that combine formatting and lightness, so today I offer you the best MP3 player on the web

It can be used in websites that depend on phonemes, such as the Holy Quran sites, and this player is used a lot on the Blogger platform as well as Wordpress, but you can use it all over the web

I previously thought: Should I offer several MP3 players on this topic, or be satisfied with this player, but after I thought I decided to make do with this player because it can be colored and coordinated to suit all sites

But I like that I want to do something very important because some will misuse MP3 players on websites, such as using them in songs and others, and I bear witness to God that I am innocent of anyone who will use this addition while God is angry.

Therefore, make your use of this add-on for good and for the benefit of people. It is a suitable addition for people who use MP3 files to spread the Holy Quran, lessons and sermons

Before I explain how to add an MP3 player in Blogger blog or websites in order to be used in making sites such as the Holy Quran sites, I will review the player and try it through the following form

They are verses from the Surah Al-Qiyamah for the reciter Salman Al-Otaibi.

How to add an MP3 player to Blogger blog

This is the MP3 player code. Add it by pasting it into the HTML mode of the post in which you want the MP3 player to appear.


<br /><center>
<img src="" style="background-color: #b2b2b2; height: 24px; width: 275px; " class="BLOGGER-object-element tr_noresize tr_placeholder" id="audioplayer1" data-original-id="audioplayer1" /></center>

Explanation of the MP3 player settings in Blogger

500 is the operator display number

If you want the audio file to be played automatically in your blog or site, replace no with yes

If you want the audio file to start playing automatically, replace no with yes

Explanation of the MP3 player format in Blogger

Changing the colors in the flash players is the same as changing the normal colors, but there is of course a very slight difference within the code

We all know that regular HEX color codes look like #FFFFFF

As for flash files, instead of code # >>> 0x, meaning that they are like this 0xFFFFFF, and there is no difference in the code format other than this

This word 0xBAE2FB is for the background color in the middle part of the player

This word 0x6ABEF3 is the color of the left side of the player

This is the 0xffffff color icon in the right pane

This word 0x0779BF is specific to the right-hand side color of the player

And this word 0x59ADE1 is specific to the right part color when the mouse is hovered over it

This word 0xffffff is specific to the right-hand icon color

This is the 0xffffff color of the icon when you hover the mouse over it

The word 0xffffff is for font color

This portion is 0x333333 for download path color

This 0x292929 is the color of the frame that is visible around the path

This word 0x005FCC is specific to the border color below the following path for the download

Important note: This part is located at the beginning and end of the code

<br />



<br />

It is a line present before the code and far and make the code in the middle of it. You can remove it if you do not include it inside the code, but I would like to add it so that the code can be distinguished in

 HTMAL page for other codes

Now you can format the launcher to fit your blog template

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