How to protect blogger template rights


Protecting Blogger templates from theft or encrypting the rights of the Blogger template, as some call it, is important for some bloggers, as some of them mean intruders who remove the rights of Arabization or design a template without permission from the owner of the template

Therefore, I will explain how to protect Blogger templates from being stolen and prevent removal of property rights in Blogger templates by encrypting property rights in Blogger templates so that you can protect Blogger templates from theft and intruders

This method will help you protect the Blogger template from being stolen, but on the other hand, you will teach some hackers how to steal Blogger templates and remove the property rights

Of course, this idea is painful for a blogger because his idea of ​​infringing on property rights is like infringing on a person by stealing because the person who works even simple code needs a lot of effort because finding the idea itself is a difficult effort

Explain how to protect the Blogger template from theft

First: This code will be the focus of the explanation

(Download the code)

This code is a simple idea as it gives an order that if the rights are changed in the Blogger template, then it will replace the change with the name and link found inside the code

And as they are located inside the code, Queen News and the link

Of course, you are replacing them with what you want, and do not forget to replace the links with your site link because the link of my blog is duplicated twice in the code

How to use the blogger template rights protection code from theft

You can simply integrate this code into any part of the template, such as in the middle of JavaScript files, but in this way the code will be clear and can be modified or deleted

But a Queen News blog came up with the solution with the HTML coding tool

It will help you hide the code

Just go to the tool's page, and after that, encode the code to add between the names of Fatah

And close to java


<script type = "text / javascript"> Add the code here </script>


Then you can add it to any part of the template, but to make it more difficult, merge the file into important JavaScript files in the template

 For example: the following code is very important Java code inside the Blogger template

As you can see, the code of rights for the Blogger blog has been integrated into the code of that important blog extension

Of course, we did not take the code with the opening and closing tags of Java because it is present in the tool code

 We only took the practical part

Of course, there is better than that, which is to encode the code completely so that the code is completely encrypted and cannot be deleted because if you delete the code, the extension will be deleted with it, and thus the add-on will stop working and therefore intruders will not be able to remove the property rights from your Blogger template

Note: You must choose an add-on that the encryption does not affect it because in some add-ons it may not work, so you must experiment more than once until you find a suitable place

The explanation is not over yet

Because the other part of the code remains, which is the link of property rights, and it must be visible and not encrypted, as it will be placed in the invoice inside the template and this is


<a href='' id='cnmuprot' rel='dofollow' target='_blank'> Queen News </a>

The identifier cnmuprot is the one that automatically redirects the encrypted link if it is changed

Note: An important thing must be clarified, which is that there is nothing absolute protection from the intruders who delete the property rights from the Blogger template because all protection can be broken, but this code makes the matter a little more difficult and I hope everyone will preserve the rights of others

Free internet should be a human right !

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