How to add a preview counter or download to any link


The preview button or the download button is an essential part of most blogs, especially blogs that have explanations and many files, so counting the number of views or downloads for any link is important for some bloggers of course there is more than one way to calculate views and downloads

But it always has many flaws, such as the javascript codes being large and difficult to use and install, the tool's incompatibility with some blogs and sites, and the heavy adding of a large amount of fetching numbers

But the solution will be easy and simple because the tool works to calculate the number of real clicks on the links within the blog or website, and the addition depends on an easy and light script and also easy to install and a site that specializes in calculating the previews.

When it was created, care was taken to fit all sites to be attractive and elegant, easy to install and handle easily

How to add a preview counter or download to any link

First: the code for the appearance of the tool

 Add the following code, which you will download from here on top of the tag

]]> </ b: skin>

Code Formats:

The color of the preview button is # E77B00

The color of the counter word for the preview button is # 000

The color of the tool's Download button is # 319300

The counter color for the download button of the tool # c40101

These are the most important things that may interest you in the previous code and that you would like to change

To add a maintenance counter or upload to Blogger, you have to write your post in the normal way, but after you finish writing your post about the topics box from authoring mode to HTML mode, put the code in it that you will find attached to the previous code

Code Formats:

The code # repeated in the code twice in the preview area, change it with the link that you want to count views, but beware because a change in the link between the two times will completely differ results

The symbol # repeated twice in the download area will be the same

If you want to use one of the two buttons inside the code, use the private area only, with changing number 1 in the preview area number 3 and number 2 in the download area number 4

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