How to deal with sections or labels in Blogger


I was in one of the topics of the How To Begin series and I explained how to create labels or sections, but there are those who found the matter not fulfilled and wanted more, and perhaps in the last period not a week would pass unless I found a question related to nomenclature so I wanted to clarify how to deal with it in an accurate manner.

This topic is of course for new bloggers, but the old blogger may benefit from his information or something he did not notice before

First, is it the labels or the sections?

Both names are correct, so the name assigned to it by Blogger is Labels, which is the labels, but the nature of its work is to divide the blog topics and classify them according to a certain word, so the meaning is correct, or even if we call them categories it remains correct, but I clarify this because some think that each of these words symbolizes a different matter

Second, how to create it

To create a new label or add a subject to a label and you write the topic or post, you will find in the post settings the word labels through it. If you write a new word, it will be approved as a new label in the blog.

Third, deal with it from the posts page

There is another way to create and modify the labels through the control panel and then the posts, then you can select the posts by ticking next to them and then from the labels icon you can create a new classification or if a topic is already added for a classification already, then you choose the same classification from the list. The topic will be removed from it or vice versa if it is not added. And clicking on the name of the classification will add the subject to it

The advantage of this method is that you can amend the rankings of a large number of topics at once instead of editing one topic at a time

Important: If you selected a topic to add or remove it from a classification and did not remove the marking from it after that, and you continued to modify other topics, it will be affected by the modifications. Therefore, after you finish the topics, you must untick them and you can make sure that you re-download the dashboard page to ensure that there are no specific topics This is a problem if you have a large number of posts and pages, and you may not notice previous posts being tagged

The last thing is how to get labels links

The easiest way is to add labels in Blogger, add it from the control panel, if you do not have it, and this is its image

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