How Facebook could threaten your life


Facebook sees a lot of your data, and this is undoubtedly a matter and is no longer a secret, as all your movements on Facebook are saved, including your favorite lists and the things you see on Facebook

But what some people do not realize is that Facebook monitors your data on your smartphone, for the purpose of suggesting you to unknown people whom you do not know and with whom you do not collect anything.

Thanks to tracking the geographic locations of users via smartphones, Facebook may suggest you friendship with people who only share one thing with you, which is the geographical location in which you live or the place you visit for the first time

Of course, Facebook relies on the GPS to make these people display the "virtual friends."

Facebook denied this, saying it did not use location data to make friendship suggestions

The Facebook communications team explained that the confusion arose when I used the network for a short period (very short) because at the time the friendship proposal was based on geographical location, but this matter stopped last year.

The official said that a small test had been carried out to use the place to identify friends' suggestions, as they indicated that this was done for a certain period and ended

He indicated in an e-mail to "Fusion" that "the test took place for a period of four weeks at the end of 2015."

"Your life is in danger"

Some may be surprised, but Facebook users are concerned that Facebook may endanger their lives, because it may suggest their personal pages to mafia gangs or dangerous people.

Some believe that proposing friendship based on the geographical space of Facebook users may help criminals at times to track down their victims and get information about them, and it may also help them to know the "presumed victim" where she is and in which geographical area.

In conclusion : This article is based on some theories, which in turn are based on some facts, and this is not intended to scratch Facebook, and the aim of this article is to indicate and take precautions in order to protect yourself from anything similar to this matter.

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