How to create a standalone look for error page in Blogger


In a previous topic we talked about creating error pages and redirecting them, but this included those who wanted to have a custom page that they create internally in Blogger and add additions to it and so on

As for those who like simplicity, there is another way, which is to make a separate appearance for the error page inside the template itself, both methods It fulfills the purpose, but in order to complete the benefit, I would like to explain to you the other method and prepared a simple appearance for you and explain how to install and modify it

This is the simplified form of the form

For compositing, add the following code right after the opening tag


Download code

Then use the following code directly above the closing tag




Formats on the first code

This color # 777 is the background of the page

This color # fdd702 is the color of the word error page

This color # 444 is the color of the Home button

This is the # 000 color of the button when hovering the mouse

The pink link is the image link

Arabic speech you can modify it

If you want to add additional sentences, add this code and write whatever you want in it

<p> Here </p>


Repeat the code whenever you want an additional line

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