How to archive blogger blog in search engines


Questions abound always on accelerating archiving and improving SEO, so I will put some important points to clarify the matter completely and I will show them with you with a simple story at the beginning of 2014 I decided to open Queen News and before that I was studying and dealing with Blogger and I had dealt with other platforms and in the end I decided to specialize in Blogger and the reason is The main one is SEO and archiving because Blogger is prepared with all the essentials needed for success

I mean, this means that if you are a beginner and you do not know anything about SEO or archiving methods, then you do not need that with the Blogger platform, and any thing about this matter, what is only a slight improvement in archiving, but this is not my important focus because after I made the decision to open Queen News I was shocked by the delay in archiving, and the archiving was delayed by days, and it may exceed two weeks or more, so I thought that there were sins and defects in my blog because I had tried to archive blogger blog and in a few minutes I was happy to review the settings, but nothing shows that there is a bug or something wrong with my blog

Then I decided to look into this matter outside the settings of my blog, and I found that there are large and famous sites with the same problem, but not as the delay that I have afterwards. I decided to go to the blogger technical support forum and then I asked them this question

Why is my blog archive late?

Then the answer was, "There is no longer any scope for the weak sites. From now on, the archiving will be for the good sites."

After I received the response, I began working on the blog intensively in order to improve it and always make sure to exclusivity my articles and bring in visitors. After that, I noticed an improvement in archiving and I saw that the main reason for improving archiving is visitors. Therefore, every blogger should focus on improving archiving and focus on content. Its blog and the field that excels in it and also focuses on visitors because this is the only solution in order to get fast and natural archiving in Blogger, and as I said earlier, you do not need extensive experience in dealing with SEO nor experience to deal with Backlinks and Big Rank, you only need real visitors Even a few

But there is another way and that is manual archiving

Of course, there is now a question on your mind, is manual archiving useful or not, and should I resort to it?

The answer: I do not like to rely on manual archiving because this may make you neglect your blog and not resort to improving it, but it is sufficient to spread your posts. If you are interested in the speed of archiving and the best way to do this is the main way, which is through the tools of webmasters, then choose the blog that you want to archive Manual for it, then from the side menu select crawl >>> Fetch as Google >>> then add the link in the space provided for it, but without the main domain >>> Then click on the word "Fetch"

As shown in the following picture

After adding it, click on the word "Send to the index", as shown in the following picture

You will then see the following message

First you have to skip CAPTCHA, then after that you will find two options

1 - crawl this URL only

Of course, this choice is sufficient, and you can send up to 500 and renew it automatically at the first of each month

2 - Crawling this URL and its direct links

Of course, this option gives you only 10 links every month and is automatically renewed at the first of each month. You can use it if your monthly posts are less than 10 articles and the first is enough

Then press OK

As she said at the beginning of the topic, visitors are the basis, so always try to gain visitors for your blog naturally

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