What is Alexa ranking And how is it affected by the multiple domains of Blogger


Alexa is the name of a site that is repeated in the ears of everyone who has a blog or website on the Internet, and when asked about the nature of his work, you will find more than a million explanations, and of course I decided to become one of the speakers about the Alexa site

But I will talk about him and shorten the definition because I know that many searches for the definition of the Alexa site and its importance in many sites and did not come out of them with a summary

What is Alexa

Alexa website is a website ranking site to give an evaluation about the entire site and not give a rating for every page as some think, and the ordering method is reverse

Meaning that the higher your site’s ranking, the worse it is, and if your site’s ranking is lower, the better, meaning site number 10 is better than site number 1000

How does Alexa work?

Most of the owners of the high ranking in Alexa (owners of bad sites) say that it is a site of no use from us at all, and the truth is that they do not know anything and as they say the argument of the dull wipe the patience

Because Alexa ranking is the outrageous arrangement of these sites because it only considers one thing, which is the visits, and it is not interested in anything specializing in the site or from the owner of the site or blog

What is the meaning of what you said?

The meaning is that your site may visit 50 visitors a day, and in order better than a site that visits 100 visitors per day, because your site may have visited a hundred, but each one of them browsed only one page, and your site may have visited ten

But each one of them browsed 20 pages, and therefore the hundred visitors viewed 100 pages only, but the ten visitors had viewed 200, so whenever the ranking of your site is low, this means that your site is in good condition.

What are the best numbers to rank in Alexa?

Some people think that your site should be ranked in the top ten in Alexa in order to get a good ranking, but this is a mistake because the competition in Alexa is between hundreds of millions of blogs and sites

Starting from a site or blog with one visitor to a site, millions of visitors enter each day, such as Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter, etc.

So what's the best Alexa ranking?

I think the arrangement is divided into two parts

A part about free sites and blogs

Part about paid sites and forums

By this I do not mean that there are two arrangements but rather one arrangement in Alexa

For example: to consider that there is a very good site in Alexa, it is necessary to judge the foundation as well

 We cannot compare the ranking of a free site or blog with that of a blog or a paid site

Meaning that if there is a blog whose ranking in Alaska is 3 million, it is considered to have come in a better order than a forum with a ranking of 2 million, because nothing was paid in it except for the effort and fatigue based on it.

What is the strength of competition in Alexa number segments?

I like to split the Alexa Ranking into multiple segments

Segments whose arrangement exceeds four million will be a segment that does not strive at all and its visitors are very few, and this is because it is related to the time of its release, meaning those who opened their sites a few months ago and are still in that segment. As for the new people (newly created blogs), they are still in the beginning

A segment from 4 million to 3 million is an hourly chip and always trying to improve its position and working to reduce its ranking in Alexa always

A slice of 3 million to a million is a segment that is diligent and tries as hard as possible to always improve and to maintain the good level that it always gets

The million to one hundred thousand slide is the best segment among them because they do not play and they take it seriously in order to continue what they have done, otherwise, their ranking will soon decline behind the slide in which the competition for a better position is intense

The segment, which is from a hundred thousand to ten thousand, these have secured a very excellent position and have thus become known to the readers. The swing in the sense of increase or decrease will be simple.

The segment that is less than 10 thousand is a segment that is impossible to reach because you must have many visitors who are very happy and make daily visits

Slide the first thousand is a segment where competition is between them because it is difficult for anyone to exceed this level

The bottom line is that everyone who ranks 4 million or less is within the competition and they must strive to advance

This is the Alexa shortcut from my experience together, and let's move to its relationship with Blogger, and then the multiple domains

Blogger not too long ago made multiple domains, meaning that for every blog in Blogger there is more than one domain, and you can try it yourself.

The main one is blogspot.com

Sub-domains, which carry abbreviations for some countries, such as in, which belongs to the Republic of India, which are as follows:

blogspot.in - blogspot.co.nz - blogspot.fr

 Of course, the goal of these domains will be the satisfaction of Google for this country for the policies of these countries in the field of the Internet, and of course the many domains are very bad on the Alexa ranking because Alexa considers each domain to be an independent site

Therefore, the visits are calculated, then it will count all your visitors who come to you from India, and all their visits will be counted to the in domain, and it will decrease by that. Either the primary domain will not benefit or there may be one benefit, which is that you will get a strong backlinks any backlinks on these sites. Support you, but the defects will be much more

But I will offer you a solution to reduce this problem and solve the problem of lost visits

Simply put the following code in an HTML / JavaScript plugin and it will convert all subdomains to the primary domain

Note: Try entering these domains before adding the code, then try after adding the code, you will find the address switched to .com, and it is always preferable to add the code in the first tool inside your blog, even if the tool does not contain an add-on, put the code under the extension code, it will not appear at all

This is the code to add

<script type="text/javascript">var blog = document.location.hostname; var slug = document.location.pathname; var ctld = blog.substr(blog.lastIndexOf(".")); if (ctld != ".com") { var ncr = "http://" + blog.substr(0, blog.indexOf(".")); ncr += ".blogspot.com/ncr" + slug; window.location.replace(ncr); } </script>

One final note until we're done with Alexa

Do you have to register your site to get a ranking?

Previously, yes, so you can get a ranking. Currently, Alexa makes the order as soon as it arrives

Your site has the number of visitors entering the race rankings

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