How to add code within the framework of selecting all in the blogger blog


Putting code or text within the framework of determining all is very important in Blogger because sometimes it may require us to add a long code in Blogger, and of course there are several ways to do this

But to make it easier for readers, the codes can be added within a frame that allows them to be specified in order to make them easy to copy easily and are called in the foreign language as Text Area With Select All

Putting codes and texts within the framework of determining all in the Blogger blog, an addition that will give a charming touch and a professional view in the Blogger topics that you will provide, which is an easy and simple addition to Blogger

First: We enter the template edit and place the </head> tag on top of the following code

Download the code


Second: When writing a topic in Blogger, convert the writing board from authoring to HTML mode

Download the code

Then put the following code in it

Code Formats:

The number 10 is the number of rows / width added

The number 25 is the number of character width / template width

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