What is SSL Certificate and what is its benefit for blogger blog


About two months ago, Blogger adopted the SSL certificate as a basis in its platform, but until now there are some people who do not know it and do not know whether it is useful for Blogger or harmful and therefore I would like to explain to you the truth of the SSL certificate

First: What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer, meaning the Secure Socket Layer, and it appears at the beginning of the ranges with the following letters:

HTTPS, which is instead of the normal beginning with HTTP, and the difference between them is the letter S, which stands for security

Second: What is the function of an SSL certificate?

Simply encrypt important data in order to protect it from hackers who call themselves hackers

See the pictures to show you the difference between HTTP and HTTPS protocols

Does an SSL Certificate work on paid domains?

Blogger has provided that certificate for its free domains, but whoever wants it for paid domains can buy one of the companies that provide it as a service on the Internet

Is SSL Certificate Important For Blogger Users?

The answer is no, and in my opinion, this certificate concerns sites that have membership systems and financial transactions that require strong encryption of their data. As for Blogger, there is no membership system and log in to it is based on Gmail and therefore its presence in Blogger is not effective.

Here some may ask and say:

I see an exclamation point on my blog domain when I log into HTTPS

This is normal in Blogger and it is not strange because the one who uses plugins and JavaScript code in his blog is considered unsafe in Blogger even if the codes are 100% safe

Therefore, the exclamation mark appears, and this does not constitute any problems in your blog, but rather an acknowledgment of the content of your blog, nothing more

This is almost what you care about that certificate on the Blogger platform, and we advise you do not bother with it too much and do not pay money to buy an SSL certificate because you own a paid domain Google has provided it as an increase in the free domain, but it is not affecting us as users

Google is working to change the look of the home page in the Google search engine

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