Google Code and the results that resulted from the shutdown


What is Google Code? It is a site affiliated with Google and it was opened in 2005 with the aim of serving programmers so that they can easily upload their project files to it, whether it is web pages, program files, or even font styles, and the feature of Google Code is to give direct links so that you can use them inside the sites

The site had been used by programmers, especially blogger developers for a long time, until it became a pillar of most of the Blogger files and tools on the Internet, but Google decided to close the site after 9 years. Google did not suddenly close the site, but made all the files as an archive for about 6 months.

But in fact it was not expected that the site would be closed because many thought that Google would make it as an archive in order not to lose the files on it and used by many sites, but unfortunately all of us were disappointed and the site was completely closed and the files are no longer available

What are the consequences of closing Google Code?

Simply, the developers of both Arab and foreign websites were on the site to upload files for add-ons, and thus when the site stopped most of the add-ons on the Internet had stopped working, including the templates that depend on those add-ons.

But this is not only a problem, but there is a bigger problem than that, which is the lack of an alternative Google Code, because most alternative sites do not give direct links to files, and there are monthly sums required for hosting file hosting, and this is something that most bloggers may not be able to do.

But I found a great site to replace Google Code and convert Google code projects into automation

 But I do not recommend it

What are the steps to follow to fix the issue caused by Google Code crashing?

The solution used is to fix and internalize the files in the templates

And here some may ask

If it was possible to make the files in the templates from the beginning, why did we rely on Google Code?

Simply because not all files will work well inside the template, but sometimes they require strong tuning in order not to conflict with some other additions and because there are some files of a very large size and this facilitates the addition process for the blogger so that the code is not copied completely

Why Google canceled the Google service code

It was said that Google found programmers not using the site as expected, and that some of them preferred other sites for things that paid for the better capabilities.

I also think that the majority of bloggers used to upload the same files back to their accounts, so most of the projects were similar.

In addition to the exploitation of some of the site in operations harmful to the objectives of theft and others

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