How to create an error page or redirect to another page in Blogger


Blogger error pages are considered one of the basic things in the blog, and in recent blogger updates, Blogger has added this feature in the settings to show the error page to the visitor when the requested page is not located inside the blog he is looking for

Therefore, we will talk about the most important properties of a 404 error page and ways to set it up professionally and adjust it to templates that you do not support.

The 404 error page is a page that is not professionally designed, it is only writing, and here comes the role of Queen News blog

First: We start with a method for activating the 404 error page

From the blog settings

We choose your search preferences

Errors and redirects

The custom page was not found

We click on the word Edit next to it

As shown in the illustration

In the space provided for adding codes, we will add the following code

Download the code

Note: The color #FFFFFF is the background color. You can change it with any other color you want. If you want it to be the background color of the template, delete the following code:

background: #FFFFFF;

  border-radius: 8px;

  box-shadow: 0 0 4px # 222222;

The number 500 is the size that you can change or make a percentage to be 98% responsive to you.

Of course, there is another color, but you can easily modify it because it does not require extensive experience


Redirection is often used for two reasons

The first: For those who do not want to add an error page, redirect it to the main page

The second: the template from which the error pages have been deleted or has a problem and the solution is as follows:

Add the following code above the tag


Download the code


The code will redirect to the home page. You can also replace the image link with another image link in order for it to appear when redirecting, and if you want to redirect to a page other than the home page, you can copy its link and add it instead of the / sign

Provided that the page link is as follows

Note: If we want to redirect the error page for the topic, we add the / sign instead of

Only the red part of the link, and of course this applies to any link in the blog if we want to direct the error pages to it

These are the most important ways to create error pages with any template in Blogger, and to avoid errors that may be an obstacle to creating the page in some templates.

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