Domain Authority, page Authority, and the future of PageRank


The most important thing for a blogger is to have a signed website and publish the first search results in search engines, and of course global search engines rely on many algorithms to rank sites in terms of trust, importance and quality of topics.

Of course, the most important of these algorithms are the algorithm of the MOZ.COM website, which is famous for Domain Authority and Page Authority Big Authority.

Note: Some believe that these algorithms are an alternative to the PageRank algorithm, and this is of course a mistake because the algorithms were working in the presence of PageRank and the presence of updates side by side with it and because both are different algorithms from the others

Of course, we had previously known the PageRank algorithm, but the Authority algorithm is not very different from the PageRank algorithm in the idea.

I mean by this in the evaluation methods because the evaluation is done according to the quality of the content, the age of the site and its reputation, and we do not forget the visitor turnout and links in other sites

Of course, there is an internal difference (programmatically), but it is not our concern

The most important differences that you care to know

Domain Authority is evaluated up to 100 points, not 10 as PageRank, and this is what will help you in discrimination

Initially, to shorten the writing, Domain Authority stands for DA or MDA

Page Authority also stands for PA or MPA

And the letter for M at the beginning stands for MOZ.COM

Here are the best websites to find out about the authority and the domain

Domain Authority or Page Authority depends on anything

The DA expresses the quality of the entire range, and of course, this makes some miscalculations sometimes

Like blogger blogs, the DA is high because, as you know, the domain is used by millions of blogs.

Therefore, if you rely on the evaluation of DA, you will think that some sites are very strong and they are basically weak. As for the PA, it is for each page separately as PageRank

Therefore, it is preferable not to rely on it in the evaluation, but use the main link of the site you are evaluating, so rely on the PA because it will be the clearest link in evaluating sites

What is the lowest rating you can judge by?

For DA, it starts from 15 points

Since we are interested in PA, we will set an arrangement

A good evaluation starts from 20 points

Which is less than that, it is not good, meaning that the site is still weak, and that between 35 to 50 are sites of actual strength

As for those who are above the 50th, these are the advanced and superior sites

As for those after the 70th, this will be the largest category

What you have read so far is what you need to know about DA and PA

Note: The Beige Authority cannot be considered the separation between the sites and therefore there must be other things that we rely on, such as the Alexa site arrangement

Meaning that you may find the PA for a good site, but the Alexa arrangement is very bad, and of course this means that the PA is affected by other factors such as the DA for major sites such as Blogger, Wordpress, etc.

Therefore, you should take care in your judgment on the Alexa ranking as well and top the search results in the sense that your site is the first in the search results when searching for a name

What about PageRank's future?

As we explained to the Website Authority and what does it mean by it, and that it is not an alternative to PageRank, it is an algorithm that also depends on it in the evaluation together, but that algorithm may become the alternative completely if PageRank is stopped and no longer depends on it after that at all, or perhaps other algorithms may also appear to work together. Along with them

But until now, despite the fact that PageRank updates have been stopped since December 2013, one of the officials at Google, John Mueller, stated that perhaps PageRank will not be updated again and until now, about three years have passed and no updates have been issued, but PageRank has not been erased from The Internet is still, until now, sites that rely on it to evaluate their sites

Even the Website Authority knowledge sites you will find that they are still showing PageRank on their sites

Here some may ask what we do as bloggers? The answer is simply that you should not neglect it completely or depend on it completely

Note: If you find your own authority site, say, 35 and you have PageRank 1, then it is better than a site that has 38 and does not have PageRank because it is simply the first to obtain an update before suspension

Of course, seniority in the sites is better, and when the Authority is a division of 3 to 5 degrees, then PageRank will outweigh the difference.

I hope I clarified the things that you may have confused about

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