How to add stats counter to Blogger blog professionally


There are many, many statistical tools for Blogger blogs and others, and they are via sites or scripts, some of them are heavy and the most important thing that the user of the tool seeks is the statistics of the number of views specifically, but only the official plugin for Blogger brings it, but it is not good-looking

but in our topic we will seek to develop this add-on and make it display the most important statistics Exact shape and good looking

First, install the official stats plugin for Blogger

Second, make the initial setting for it as follows, then after completing the adjustment, adjust the time period as you want

After that, search for the tool in the template and delete all the codes between the two codes marked in red

After that, add this code instead of the codes you deleted, and you can modify the Arabic words

Show code 1

Finally, use the following style code

Show code 2

Code formatting

15 font size

30 height stats

# 0058d2 color numbers

# cc0000 color icons

20 size icons

In order for the icons to appear, you must add the Font Awesome font, you can add it from here