How to create a contact us page for blogger blogs


Adding a Contact Us page in Blogger Blog is an important addition to all blogs and site owners because all blogs and sites need to have technical support for followers such as complaints, suggestions, and others

Of course, there are some bloggers who dedicate a topic to technical support, and this is wrong because the support may be a complaint, and of course, showing the complaint publicly harms the followers, or it may be a request and of course sometimes we may reject the request and this may cause embarrassment for the student.

But the mail service is a service that is considered more private and raises the embarrassment of course from all parties, and your blog or website is far from questions and requests regarding suggestions and complaints, so the contact form must be present in every blog or site as a professional service

There are many sites that provide this service, but some are very complex or allow you to have a minimum number of messages or may be difficult to use with some

Therefore, the explanation will be on the Foxyform website, which provides a form Contact us as a distinctive service

First: Go to the site from here

Of course, after completing the preparation of your form, click on the word Create Formular, and it will take you to a page with a code such as the following code, copy the code and then go to the pages in Blogger and add on a new page

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