How to create a privacy policy page for your website


Adding a privacy policy page to your blog or site has become a necessary matter for profit from the Internet, as many profitable companies require it, including Google Adsense and some other companies that allow profit from your blog or site

What is the privacy policy page? The Privacy Policy page, or as some call it in English, Privacy Policy Page is a page for visitors to your blog or site in order to inform them that your blog or site contains ads for other companies

Also, the privacy policy clarifies to your blog or website visitors that you are using advertising companies as a third party to display ads on your site and that these companies sometimes or often use some of the visitors' data, such as a year or his interest, in order to display these ads

The privacy policy page exists in more than one format, and they all perform the same purpose. Two forms have been brought to the page, one in Arabic and one in English, and you can use

What you want from them according to the language of your blog

How to create a privacy policy page for your blog or site Privacy Policy Page

If you want a privacy policy page in Arabic, go to

Blogger dashboard


new page

Convert writing box from authoring to HTML mode

Then paste the following code in it, after downloading the code from here

Note: If you want a privacy policy page in English, add the second code instead of the first code

Do not forget to replace the name of my blog Queen News with the name of your blog

Also, do not forget to replace the link of my blog with your blog link

Note: You will find the name and link of my blog frequently repeated in the code, so that you can replace them at the same time by copying the page code you want any privacy policy page code written in Arabic or English

 Then you place it in the Windows Notepad program or any other text editor as you wish and then press the H+Ctrl button.

Then the following replacement box will appear

Write in the first box what you want to replace

Type in the second field the text that will be replaced by the first

Then click on Replace All

As I said before, replace the name and link of my blog with the name and link of your blog

Also change the contact page in my blog with the contact page of your blog, and if you do not have it, you can create one from here

Link to the contact page of my blog in order to replace

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