Add meta tag codes to Blogger blog with the aim of improving SEO


We talked earlier in this topic about the meaning of SEO, and today we will talk about META TAG codes, which are like colored lights that draw the attention of search engines to your site. These codes define the home page of your site and give signals through keywords to direct searchers to your site. Your visitors and search engines will improve your archiving and your site will be at the beginning of the search results

Note, some may think that adding such codes is the solution to all problems and the magic lamp that will make its site among the best sites

This is a misconception, as I said, it is like the lights of attraction, but if the search engine or visitor reached you and did not find what attracted them to them, it is difficult for him to come back to you again, so the codes must be identical to the content of your site and your content is exclusive and attractive in order to ensure the return of visitors and the intensification of visits from the web

To add codes, take a backup copy of your template

 Then go to Edit Template and search the first of your theme for the <head> tag

Then select everything after it until you reach <b: skin>

And delete the codes between them

 Except for fonts or files if you have them added underneath <head>

How do you know if there are files added? Simply you will find codes with links bearing these characteristics js css @ font-face

Mostly you will not find it, but we note the reserve

Then add the following code under the tag


Download meta tag code

Do not forget to change what is necessary in the code

First, what is produced when adding this code

Description and keywords will attract results according to what you write with them, but do not be bothered and write 500 words in order to reach you more search engines. This is a mistake as I said. If the words do not indicate the content, the result will be the opposite.

Use words in the content of your site and do not make it circulate 150 characters and of course make a comma between each word and the other and also make the description a useful sentence indicating the content of your site

There is a section for the banner link and this is useful in social sites. When publishing any topic on social sites, a preview image appears, and it is the first image in the topic. About your site

For Facebook, enter this link

 Put the link of your blog and then press the Debug button to update the information. Also, the code will do a very important thing, which is to delete the blog name from the topics. When searching for topics, you will find the topic name as follows

Queen News: META TAG codes for SEO

But after adding the code, the topic name will be like this

META TAG Codes for SEO - Queen News

This will aid in archiving and reaching search engines

A final note, search engines may take some time to receive new information, perhaps days or weeks, depending on the number of visitors you have and their frequency on topics, so do not put the code and go to experiment and then find no change and think that the code did not do anything

With time, you will also notice the change and you will find the level of your blog improved, but I repeat what I say, and the most important thing is the content that you provide because these are all additions to the definition, but if you do all this and your blog content is weak, nothing will change

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