The best advertising exchange code for blogger blogs


The advertising exchange code is a code that most blogs rely on, as they depend on advertising exchange or paid ads

Therefore, it is necessary to have an accurate advertising code to make this service simple and easy, especially if the banners and links are frequently modified in the blog

Some bloggers are looking for ad widget or ad sharing tool code to add to blogger blogs. In this article, I'll show you how to add an ad exchange tool to your Blogger blog

Ad exchange tools are links to friendly websites that you want to add to your blog. Below you will find a way to add tools to advertise with us

The ad exchange code for blogger blogs is a very ideal code for advertising exchange as it is very light and does not contain images as it is based on CSS codes

Note: You can add an image to your blog in the code, but I advise you to save yourself creating an image in order to tell visitors that this is an ad space

Adding the ad exchange code for blogger blogs | Adding ads code for blogger blogs - Ad Banner

To add the ad exchange code on Blogger, follow these steps:

Go to the Blogger dashboard

Layout or design

Add a tool

HTML / Javascript

Paste the following code in it

Download the code from here

Note: I put the code formats with the file that you will download so that it is easy for you to modify the extension as you want

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