Learn about Seo and the Nofollow and Dofollow effect


Seo is an abbreviation for the word search engine optimization, the intended meaning and not the literal one is to improve the search engines ’view of your site. How do you make the search engine see your site better, which makes it advance in the ranking, whether in page rank, Alexa, or search results 

search engine identifies your site from loading speed and colors The number of words and the size of the page each search engine contains software codes called web spiders that crawl your site and collect data in seconds to show new and improve archiving and data. The data compilation is divided into two parts

Internal link, which are the internal links for your site

External link, which are links to other websites

This is where Nofollow and Dofollow come in

All links on your site are automatically marked with the Dofollow tag, which means follow, meaning that web spiders are allowed to follow these links, but the large number of followed links causes problems because some links are to unwanted sites Spam, and then your site is considered supportive to those sites and this causes its ranking to decrease, so we find most of the site’s directories ranked in Low pagerank

Therefore, we need to make the external links Nofollow, meaning that the search engines do not follow it, and when the web spider passes a link that contains this code, it is read as a normal book and not a link

There are codes that make all Nofollow external links, but of course the manual system is better, and it is good to have some Dofollow sites, as it helps to raise your ranking and create friendships with those sites, but it should be sites that you support and trust in and their content

How do I make Dofollow link

You simply do not need this unless you use one of the codes that permanently block Dofollow

How do I make a nofollow link

This is important especially in comments. Fortunately, the blogger comments system automatically makes the links subject to Nofollow, so what you need is to make external links in Nofollow topics. To do this, there are two methods.

The first method: It is through the Blogger Topics Editor, i.e. when adding a flag link on the nofollow option as shown in the image

The second method: It is a manual method, which is to add the tag to the link manually

 You can see the difference between the two links in the following example. All you have to do is add rel = "nofollow" to any nofollow link.

<a href="https://www.queen-news.com"> queen-news </a>

<a href="https://www.queen-news.com" rel="nofollow"> queen-news </a>

If you want to dofollow, you can just change no with do

Finally, I hope that you have benefited from the simple explanation, and that you remember as you write your posts on Blogger to add nofollow to the external links.

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