Add a feature Read more (continue reading) to blogger blogs


When bloggers start writing an article on a new blog, the first thing they notice after publishing an article on the blog is that the article is displayed in full on the homepage, which is not desirable, so the idea of ​​reading more of the great features that have been added to the Blogger blog.

Add Read more or continue reading for Blogger blogs is an add-on that automatically coordinates the shape of topics so that the topics become equal in length, width and height and also contributes to coordinating the size of the image and the length of the page in order to fit with the blog and so that the page does not display completely and the page becomes too long

The goal of the Read more feature or continue reading or see more is that at the end of the summary, there will be a sentence "Read more" and even an image in it, which helps the visitor to browse more articles available on the blog and enter what he needs by clicking on the subject of the button " Read more. "

Adding a summary of blogger topics "Read more" is an important addition to Blogger blogs, because it coordinates the blog's home page well and attractively in addition to it showing a snippet of your blog's topics and this is something that will attract visitors to read the rest of the topics, which will help you increase the statistics of your blog

Adding a summary of blog topics works to summarize all topics or blogs, labels and blog archives automatically by adding the "Continue Reading" feature. Therefore, today we will discuss the method of summarizing topics or messages that some search here by adding a feature to read more and summarize pictures and posts to a number Specific letters with their deletion in static pages

How to add Read more or continue reading for Blogger blogs

First: Add the following code above </head>: Download the code

The image in this form is on the right, and if you want it on the left

 Replace float: right; With float: lift;

You can delete the previous two codes in order for the image to appear in the middle

Important note :

There are 4 numbers at the beginning of the code, and they are:

400 The number of characters shown without an image

300 the number of characters shown with an image

160 image height

180 image width

Second: Find this code <data: post.body /> and replace it with the following: The code link

Now search for the following code, and if you find it, delete it: the code

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