How to add the Hijri date to Blogger blog


Adding dates to your blog will benefit you a lot, and in this topic I will teach you how to add Hijri dates to blogger blogs, and this addition will also benefit the owners of Islamic blogs. Because it contains the Hijri date

Adding the Hijri date to Blogger blogs is an addition of the most beautiful and best add-ons that are used in the Blogger platform, because it shows the Hijri date that Muslims use in determining religious events

But before I start explaining the method of adding the Hijri date to Blogger blogs, I would like to apologize from you because of the delay in adding this explanation, because after we explained the addition of the Gregorian date for blogger blogs

Many requests came in order to add the Hijri date, but due to concerns, I completely forgot the matter, but God reminded me of it now. Therefore, an exclusive and very wonderful addition has been developed that includes displaying the Hijri date in a beautiful and distinctive way.

Adding the Hijri calendar to the Blogger blog is a wonderful addition that works to show the Hijri date beautifully and attractively, in addition to it being added as a service for the visitor with the aim of the Hijri date tariff

To add the Hijri calendar to Blogger, follow these steps:

Go to the Blogger dashboard


Add a tool

HTML / Javascript

Paste the following code in it

Download the code from here

Note: The Hijri date may sometimes be plus or minus, depending on the lunar cycle, so we need to have a possibility to match this, and this of course is available in this addendum.

The number 0, replace the number with 1, in the event that the month comes plus a day, but if the month is missing, you must replace the number -1

This code # 3da04b is the special color. In addition, you can modify it if you like

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