Redirect the direction of Blogger blog to another blog or other site


In this episode, my dear brothers, I will show you a great way to convert visitors from old blog links to new blog links on Blogger, as we will use scripts to convert your blog visitors to any link of your choice without a conversion template.

Many bloggers search for this code in order to convert visitors from the deleted blog to the new blog automatically so that they do not lose followers, so this is the best solution when you change your blog or site so as not to lose your visitors

Redirecting the Blogger blog to another blog or other site is an important addition and it is like telling your visitors that you have changed your blog or site so that they can visit your new site and follow you again

Is this code different from the 404 error conversion page?

Yes, this is different, because the wrong link in your blog will display a 404 error page link, and the home page will be converted to the same blog, or the wrong link will be converted into a valid link in the same blog, or this code will be the same as these links will be converted into multiple links In the same blog or in other blogs.

Redirect Old URL Link to New URL Link in Blogger

This feature is limited to several things:

When you create a new blog and want to direct visitors to it

Convert your blog from Blogger to WordPress

Direct visitors to another blog when you do the blog maintenance process

How to redirect a link to another link?

In order to be able to do this, you must use a redirect code. To do so, go to:

Blogger dashboard


Add a tool

HTML / Javascript

Paste the following code after the download from here

Now search inside the code for: Then change to the link of your blog

You can also change the displayed sentence before converting visitors to any other sentence, but on the condition that you know that it is the thing that will appear to the visitor seconds before converting to the blog or site.

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