What is the secret to adding the purple flower to Facebook


When browsing on the Facebook network, you must have noticed the emergence of new symbols in the form of purple roses in some publications, and this is an indication that the Facebook network developers have added a "thank you" symbol to the new Facebook. Emoji, you may be wondering why they added the symbol and what it means, and how to add and activate it in the primary emoji of your Facebook account, and this is what we will learn about in this topic.

On Mother's Day, a purple flower was added by Facebook as a temporary button to express thanks and gratitude for Mother's Day.

About 95 countries around the world celebrated Mother's Day, including the United States of America, Canada, and France, in addition to most of the European countries.

Facebook granted users the ability to send virtual flowers to their mothers, congratulations, thanks and gratitude to them.

And Facebook announced a short-term statement on May 7/9, that an icon of a purple flower will be added in the "Messenger" application, which can be clicked to decorate messages, texts and pictures, as well as a group of posters under the title "My Mother, My Love", in which some animals are shown with their young. .

This is the first button that has been added "temporarily" because the social network has launched an impression icon, giving users the opportunity to show their different feelings for each post, because it will disappear from the list of six icons immediately after the event ends, and will remain visible in posts you used before the event.

In some countries, Facebook users can also use new temporary buttons within Messages in the Messenger app.

Facebook pointed out that this flower will not be the last among temporary impressions, and this means that Facebook seeks to test more of it in the future.

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