What is pagerank, what is its importance for a blogger blog or your website, and how to measure it


What is PageRank? PageRank is the evaluation of the site according to several factors from 0 to 10, which in turn play an important role in the search results. The more high PageRank you get, the more visits you get.

Why is PageRank important? The importance of PageRank is summarized in increasing the chance of your site to get more visitors and to archive your blog Strong archive from Google, and do not forget that the more PageRank for your blog, your site will be filled with credibility

How does Google calculate PageRank? Google has a complicated way to calculate PageRank, which it does not disclose, but there is a known factor, which is external links and their strength

How do I strengthen my PageRank on my site? You should get external links from sites with PageRank that are stronger than PageRank for your blog, and external links must be from DOFOLLOW

How to calculate the external link? If there is a site with PageRank 6 and you get an external reward from it, you will not get PageRank 6 as an example, but rather you will get 0.0017, which is a small value determined by Google and not disclosed, and in order to get a strong PageRank, you must publish to Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo , To get satisfactory results and strong PageRank, as shown in the picture

The risk of buying PageRank from trafic sites: Google does not like this idea and may exclude you from the search results, because often the PageRank of these sites is weak and has no importance as the other PageRank

How do I know PageRank? The way to know PageRank is very important to know the PageRank of your blog and try to increase it, and today I offer you the best site for knowing the PageRank

Here are various information I have gathered for you from wikipedia

Each higher PageRank value is more difficult to reach than the previous one, as reaching PR6 is four times more difficult than reaching PR5.

Adding new pages to your site may reduce the value of other pages, but this decrease gives value to the new page.

Effective internal links on your site are important.

Your site's pages must be interconnected to make it easy for the archive spider to archive all pages.

It is possible that your site will be expelled from Google if you do some unauthorized operations such as caching texts or deluding the search engine to display content intended for it only (cloaking) or any process that violates Google's systems.

Google does not like pages full of external links, especially those with more than 100 links.

If there is more than one link on the same page that leads to one page, all these links will be considered as one link.

Well-worded links relevant to the content of your site will ensure that you appear in the appropriate search results.

You may lose some of the PageRank value for your site if you lose some important links that lead to your site or if the PageRank value of the pages containing these links decreases.

PageRank is one of many factors that Google uses to identify the relevance and importance of pages.

The meta-tag does not affect the value of the PageRank, but Google may use it to characterize your site in the search results, and it will be useful if your pages are full of graphics.

The PageRank is not calculated for the entire site, but for each page separately.

If there is a bad page with a low PageRank with links pointing to another page, then this page is not affected by it, Google will not punish you because there are bad pages linking to you.

If you add "nofollow" to the rel element in the link, this link will not be entered into your PageRank account.

If there is a link from a page to itself, it does not affect the value of the. PageRank

The PageRank depends on the links coming to the page, but not only on it, but on its quality and linkage.

If you have a page, let's say that the value of the PageRank is 7, and there is only one link on this page, then this link will benefit greatly, but if this page has 10 links, the value of the PageRank will be distributed among them.

It is possible that your site will be deleted from Google if it links to the deleted sites, so always make sure of the sites that you want to add to your site for the friendship of search engines, especially Google, which is the most popular among Internet users around the world.

Google considers the link from Page A to Page B as a vote for B.

Adding your site to the DMOZ directory does not give you any preference in the PageRank account. What you get from the DMOZ directory is the same as what you can get from any other page that has the same value, but the advantage of the open directory project is that its data is used in many other sites.

The page contents are not taken into consideration when computing the PageRank

Website link to find out backlink: PageRank Knowledge Site

A final note: Post your blog links on social media, social sites, and major forums to allow Google and search spiders to access your blog and get strong search results and a high PageRank.

Thanks to this artificial intelligence, hackers can hack any website!

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