How to make your visitors follow your articles daily


After you create a blogger blog, you must strive to increase the visitors of your blog because there is no benefit from a blog or your site that does not enter visitors

Today, in the plan to increase Blogger blog visitors, we will talk about how to maintain your visitors in a correct way and make them follow your lessons daily

Because, as everyone knows, every blogger should preserve as much as possible his visitors to his site and strive to satisfy them, all in order to develop his site and make the largest number of people follow the blog continuously

Keeping visitors to Blogger blog is an important matter that every professional blogger knows because the blogger knows that the visitor has an impression in his mind about the blog that he visited before, for example if a visitor visited your blog and found what he was looking for in it, then he gives a good impression about this blog. And when he searches for another topic, he will search for it inside your blog first and this is the good impression

Unlike the bad impression that impresses the visitor about your blog, and when the visitor searches for a specific topic and sees a post for you, he avoids your article and that is because a bad image was imprinted in his mind about your blog and this is the bad impression which makes your blog collapse and fail

Therefore, you should strive to present a beautiful and wonderful picture of your blog in order for a wonderful image to be printed in the zeal of the visitor so that the visitor visits your blog continuously and permanently.

In order to maintain your blog visitors, you must observe the following

Explain how to keep visitors to Blogger blog

In order for the visitor to return to your blog or website and be interested in what you write, you must maintain several things and adhere to them:

To be a beautiful template for your blog or website

The template for your blog or site must be a beautiful template with a wonderful artistic touch, beautiful and bright colors, and your template does not contain errors that prevent search engines from accessing your blog

Fast page loading and easy blog navigation

It is very important for your blog to be fast browsing and light in addition to the ease of navigation in the blog so that the visitor does not tire of waiting for your blog while loading the pages, because this imparts in the minds of your blog visitors a very bad impression about your blog

Stay away from stealing topics and articles

Theft of topics is a very dangerous matter that prompts the visitor to feel bored and frustrated because he may have read this article in another blog, in addition to the theft of topics makes search engines ignore your blog and put your blog's search results in the last search results, which makes it difficult for visitors to find your blog.

There is also another important thing that must be noted, which is that you will not be able to profit from Google Adsense because Adsense does not accept stolen content

Attention to visitors' requests and respond to them in the comments

One of the very important things that leave a beautiful impression on the visitor is the interest in visitors' requests and also responding to their comments, because this will make you easily win audiences for your blog and also make you keep visitors to your blog.

In the end, try to work on the benefit of visitors' requests and bring them closer to you in order to maintain the number of visitors for your blog or site.

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