Facebook is pursuing 3 teenagers because of the live broadcast feature


Wisconsin State Police opened an investigation into the Facebook account of a teenager from Milwaukee County after she was informed that she had misused Facebook's live broadcast feature with other teens.

Wisconsin police were informed that the 14-year-old girl was participating in using Facebook's live broadcast feature to film sexual acts with another boy and a fifteen-year-old girl.

CBS 58 said the teenagers broadcast the video directly to students at Barack Obama School in Milwaukee County after they escaped from a class.

The police issued a search warrant and handed it over to Facebook and demanded the site all information related to the suspected girl, including her photos on the communication site, her comments, videos, and contact information.

The police warrant classified the two girls suspected of being accused of "spreading harmful content to children." While the boy involved in the operation was not subjected to any accusation.

Facebook has not commented on the issue yet, and the site launched a live broadcast feature for all subscribers of the social network, whose number exceeds one billion and 700 million more than a month ago.

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