Add Facebook comments to Blogger blog


There are many commenting systems for blogs, some people tend to use the default commenting system for blogging templates, others tend to install Google plus comments, and others rely on Disqus commenting system.

Despite the many options, most blogs still rely on Facebook comment boxes due to their many advantages.

Without a doubt, Facebook blog comments are one of the most effective ways to bring your followers and visitors closer to you and your site.

Facebook comments are the most important addition to blog comments, because most of your visitors inevitably have a Facebook account and they can easily post their comments without facing any problems, and it only takes a few seconds.

Adding Facebook comments to Blogger blogs has become one of the important additions that are used in the Blogger platform, as installing Facebook comments in the Blogger blog gives it a wonderful view in addition to the ability to easily comment on your blog articles and this will help you bring visitors and followers closer to your blog or site

After Facebook has become the best social networking site in the world in addition to being the site with the most subscribers to it, there is no doubt that installing Facebook comments on Blogger will help increase your blog comments.

It is now no secret to any blogger that most of the visitors come from Facebook, so when you add Facebook comments to the Blogger blog, you allow your blog visitors to comment on the Blogger blog easily, which helps your blog visitors to follow you in the way they prefer, and this all of course contributes to increasing comments Blogger Blog

How to add Facebook Comments Box to Blogger Blog

In the beginning, you need to know that adding Facebook comments can be installed in two forms

The first form: adding Facebook comments with Blogger comments on the blog

In order to install Facebook comments with Blogger comments, follow the following

Go to

Control Panel, Template, Html Editing

After you entered your template

1 - Press Ctrl + F to search for

 ]]> </ b: skin>

To put the following code directly above it: Download the code

Note: You can place the previous code between <style> </style> or even add it over </head>

2 - Put the following code on the tag </body> after you download the code from here

 3 - You should now search for

<div class = 'comments' id = 'comments'>

After you find it, put the following code directly below: Download the code

Note: This code is "<div class = 'comments' id = 'comments'>" There is more than one sign, so do the experiment under the first code and then preview the result. the second

After successfully performing the previous steps, you will be able to view Facebook comments along with Blogger blog comments

Now we come to the second form: replacing Blogger blog comments with Facebook comments

In the beginning, you must go to me

control Board


Html edit

Then you search by pressing Ctrl + F on:

<div class = 'comments' id = 'comments'>

Add this code directly: Download the code


Note: If you find <div class = 'comments' id = 'comments'> code

Duplicate, put this code after each one of them

(If you want to modify the width of the add-on to suit the width of your debt, search for: width = '680' and change the 680 in the width you want)

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