Terms of Google AdSense Acceptance for Your Blog or Site - You won't wait long anymore


We had previously known about Google Adsense in detail and said that it is an advertising program from Google through which you can display ads on your website and then share its profits, as it is considered one of the most important and largest profit platforms on the Internet, and Google can get huge revenues from it.

Of course, these ads are also paid for by advertisers who use Google AdWords from Google, so Google Adsense is a link between publishers and advertisers to achieve advertisers' goals through promoting their products and the goals of the publisher or content. Manufacturer profits (website and blog owners)

And we had also explained in that lesson how to easily subscribe to Adsense

But I was surprised that there are many who say that Adsense rejects their blogs

Do not accept it, so I hastened to put this explanation under the heading of ensuring that Google AdSense accepts your blog

So let's talk about the problem of not being accepted in Google Adsense and how to solve this problem

We start tucking in:

How to accept in Google Adsense


You must write articles that respect SEO and get to know SEO in a correct way

 You should stay away from pirated content and protected materials

 You should stay away from copying pans

 Your content should be sufficient, not like you have 6 articles, and you are trying to subscribe to Google Adsense because this exposes you to rejection

 Try to specialize in a field so that you can be creative and try to bring visitors to it

Template design

Your blog template should be lightweight and easy to navigate

Try to humble your template with extra additions to make it light and fast

Try as much as possible to have your template with attractive and beautiful colors in order to attract folks

Make sure that your template does not contain bugs that prevent search engines from accessing your blog or site

Add your website to our webmaster tools

The website must be linked to webmaster tools or Google Webmaster, in order for Google to be able to oversee and archive your site in search engines and solve errors contained therein, which increases your chances of being accepted by AdSense

Additionally, you must add webmaster tools and sitemaps in robots.txt to your blog to archive topics.

Fixed administrative page

They are necessary and indispensable pages for the acceptance of your website, and the content included will not change frequently.

Privacy Policy Page: This is a prerequisite for website owners as it contains terms and conditions of use and informs visitors if there are third parties designed to collect information about visitors by analyzing searches submitted by visitors. Its primary goal is to improve ad serving as well as showing that you use Google Adsense and that your website contains ads for Google

The "Contact Us" page: is no less important than the previous page because it allows your visitors to contact you via email when they have any questions, complaints, requests for help, or other situations.

Usage agreement page: This is a set of rules and conditions that visitors must adhere to, such as not posting content that has adverse, offensive or harmful content, and other conditions that your website visitors must implement.

This page is mandatory, especially on sites that offer commercial activities or services or require membership to sign up for your site

Fill in the data

Your address and name must be correct and you must place them accurately

Secondary things

Preferably your domain is paid

It is preferred that the percentage of visitors to your blog be high and the page rank is high

It is preferred that the content of your blog be exclusive

Work to provide useful content that visitors look for

Your blog must be at least 3-4 months old

After you apply the previous steps, I guarantee that for you

Accept your site in Google Adsense

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