Place AdSense ads above or below blogger topics or anywhere inside the blog template


You may have asked, after admission to Google Adsense, how will you place AdSense ads within the post in order to increase the profit from Google Adsense? Therefore, I decided to explain how to place an AdSense advertisement within the topic on the blog with ease and ease, by adding a simple code that enables you to place AdSense ads anywhere on the blog

So in this lesson in this episode, I will provide you with complete, detailed, and easy-to-understand instructions on how to place Adsense ads or any other image ads or ad companies at the top or bottom of a Blogger blog post, such as in addition to the middle of the topic (choose the right or left position of the topic), and the method Place 2 ads side by side in Blogger thread, side by side, bottom or top

To add Google AdSense ads above or below Blogger topics, put the Google Adsense code inside this code

Click here to download the code

Note: You must use the AdSense code converter in order to accept the AdSense code and place it in the middle of the previous code

After that, copy this code and go to:

control Board


Expanding the template

Press Ctrl + f

To look for

<data: post.body />

Note before adding the code

Often there is more than one code, and the second code is always intended because it belongs to the template

You can try them all

If you paste the code above <data: post.body />, the ad will appear at the top of the post

If you paste the code below <data: post.body />, the advertisement will appear at the bottom of the post